Well, I have come to that point in my school where I get to do my capstone project. The PIDP program at VCC requires the capstone in order to graduate with my teaching certificate. The struggle that I have is that I am not in a teaching role at the moment. Well, I am, but not formally.

I am a manager with a retail company, and am in charge of the training there. It is partly prescribed, and partly make it up as you go along. It is not the type of teaching that works for the capstone project.

I also have a lot of experience with management, but no formal education, like a BA in business, or anything like that. I took this program so that I could be a better corporate trainer, and to get into that side of retail business.

I posted on my facebook page a call-out for ideas from my friends and family, and it has been an interesting experience to see what suggestions they have. There is a lot of misconceptions, of course, about what I am taking at school, and what is actually required with this project. But there is also a lot of misconceptions about what adult education really is.

I have also had a lot of words of encouragement, and affirmation that I am a gifted teacher, trainer, mentor and coach. It helps me feel that this was the right program to take, and that it will be a beneficial diploma to have.

I will try to update as I go along. For those in the program, the capstone comes faster than you think, and it is worth it to get here. Be encouraged as you go through your program, and enjoy the learning as you go!

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