Learning styles, Context, and Authenticity

There are so many amazing resources to help show that learning styles exist, and a solid little video that questions their existence ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sIv9rz2NTUk ). I have been wrestling with the idea of learning styles, and being the instructor, and how exhausting it must be to feel like you have to hit up everyone’s learning style, and be individualizing your classroom for each student, and in the end, I think that is a waste of our time and energy as instructors. I am not saying that we should forget about learning styles. They are important to know and understand, and a very useful concept to consider, especially if many in your classroom are not getting what you are trying to teach. I think the more important questions should be on the context of your class, and ensuring you are teaching based on strategies that are authentic to the context of your course.

As an instructor, I want to be sensitive to the idea of learning styles, but I will not cater to everyone’s particular needs. I will, however, try to incorporate various activities that may engage the different styles.

If you are not authentic to the content and context of your course in order to hit on everyone’s learning style, you are failing your students.

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