Instructional Strategies

In light of my posting my video prtoject for my instructional strategy, here is a list of other very useful instructional strategies, and the digital projects that my fellow peers in the course created. Grab some popcorn and enjoy as you learn!


The Demonstration Strategy, by Cheryl Jensen


Storytelling, by Lesley Florell


Team Jeopardy, by Susan Falconer


Case Studies, by Jaspal Ahluwalia

Journalling in the Classroom, by Connie King


Jigsaws, by Tim Enders


Send a Problem, by Stacey Fenwick


‘Stations’ by Sharon Downling


“Think-Pair-Share” by Sherri McCarthy


Role-plays: Playing big, by Md Sunjari


Background Knowledge Probe, by Veerpal Gill


The Portfolio, by Jennifer Reilly

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